Feb 21, 2021 – Party Announcement

We now have a fresh, clean and strong logo for a political party that is doing politics differently. We hope you like it!

We also revamped our website. It’s much easier to navigate, and it also emphasizes our official party colour. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out at www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca.

Who wants to be a candidate?

We have formally launched our candidate selection process for the 44th General Election! We are preparing for the prospect of a snap election this spring, although it may only be called in the fall or as late as October 2023. We need to be ready.

In 2019, we ran candidates in 93% of ridings across the country. The PPC is committed to selecting candidates for all 338 ridings in the next election. Every Canadian must have the option to vote for the PPC!

We are seeking patriotic Canadians willing to stand up against the corrupt establishment. If you are interested in applying to stand as our candidate for your riding, please click this link to complete our candidate application. You can also click this link to view our application process outline.

We need your support!

The PPC can only grow and compete with the other parties with your help. We need volunteers to organize riding associations and help our candidates in the coming election. We don’t receive any funding from government. We rely on YOU.

Become a member if you aren’t already. And please support the only principled party that puts Canadians first with a donation today!

The Max Bernier Show

We are not only waging a political battle; we are also in an ideological battle with those who want to destroy our freedom and way of life. This is why our leader Maxime Bernier is regularly having discussions with Canadian thought leaders on important political, economic and philosophical issues that are relevant for PPC supporters and the public at large. You can watch these recent episodes of The Max Bernier Show:

Spread the message!

Help us spread the message. Please forward this PPC newsletter to your friends, colleagues and family members, and invite them to sign up on our website to receive it.

Let’s continue to work for Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect!

Thank you for your continued support,
The PPC Team